Massage oils have been used as a soothing technique in relieving various physical and mental dysfunctions. Alleviating pain, curative for ailments, relieves stress or tensions are some of its countless benefits why people seek for massage. Regrettably, some people tend to be aggressive in using massage oil; others went beyond the basics and tend to harm themselves carelessly. Using the massage compound is highly beneficial therapeutically if only used properly with proper precaution. The concentrated substance can hurt physically because some can’t fathom its relatively unknown ingredients that might trigger serious pain. First things first, here are some tips for everyone to instill before using massage oil.

1. Do not use internally!

how to use massage oil - do not use internally

For the most logical reason, massage oils are generally produced to apply it in massages for external physique. An accidental ingestion might cause harm big time because of its unknown poisonous ingredients – DO NOT CONSUME IT!

2. Do not apply directly to skin

how to use massage oil - do not apply on skin

Because of its methodical elements, some people are oblivious of its components and might use it abruptly without full understanding. Before applying it directly to the skin, dilute it first then apply in the small area before applying it fully to the body. The harmful effects might extend to skin irritation, allergies and other inflammations. Always consider your skin’s sensitivity as a factor as well.

3. Keep out of reach of children

how to use massage oil - keep out of reach of children

Kids always known as curious kittens, so wise-up and store your massage oils in the safest/high area where kids can’t access them directly. Safety first, we don’t know what might happen if the damage has been done.

4. Be familiar with the properties and limitations

how to use massage oil - be familiar with the properties and limitations

Be meticulous and vigilant! Don’t get easily fooled by the aesthetics and fragrance of the massage oil bottle; be familiarized with its properties, precautions and terminologies. If half of the ingredients are alien to you, you might want to consider choosing another one.

5. Avoid using if you have serious illness

how to use massage oil - Avoid using if you have serious illness

Massage oils are generally known as skin friendly and risk-free but some massage oil or the massage itself has been proven hazardous to the some seriously-ill people. People with heart disease should avoid the oil because of its fatty components. Folks with kidney failure and cancer should also consider avoiding the massage oil because it might damage the fragile tissues and may link to a more serious dilemma.

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