Think about a room with cool temperature and stylish interior designs. Now, keep that imagery going by thinking about the soft music resounding over the dim lights; it doesn’t get better than that I bet you think! Okay, you can feel now the sultry hands softly touching your delicate while it executes skillful twists and turns which commands your muscles to loosen up. Massage oil is getting its way inside your muscles to send out relief to the tired muscles. Suddenly, the soothing sensation triggers your senses and your soft moans and breathing escapes from your mouth out of satisfaction.

Well, the whole experience is a pure bliss and exhilarating! You just experienced one of the most luxurious feelings you deserve. And you know that can things can be much better if that dopamine will rush all over your system – pure happiness, indeed!

Saying that a massage is addicting is given. Many health enthusiasts seek meditation through massage as they think it mollifies and alleviates the deep-seated pain of our mentality and physical body. Some people even get a weekly massage and others get it twice a week! Yes, the desire to get healed and relax is evident.

Take a read on these following reasons why massage can be an addicting activity. Pretty sure that most of you can relate to these explanations.

1. The Overall Session is Very Relaxing 

Massage Relaxing, massage

Every push and touch during a massage session is extremely overwhelming. Massage has been conceived to produce blissful experience and to give relaxation. One can truly seek massage if the purpose is to unwind from all the drudging routinary we all experience in life. With this, massage is a way of protecting our mental being to keep our mind on track on the daily basis.

2. The Endorphin Took over You 

Massage endorphins, endorphins, hormones

Getting a massage will surely lift the mood. The release of endorphins and other hormones send a response to our brain and other body systems this kind of rush and this eventually can make us feel really blissful. This kind of sensation is very natural and definitely addicting. As a conclusion, a weekly massage session will likely keep your whole week bright and optimistic.

3. It Alleviates the Pain 

Pain, ache, massage

Some of us may suffer to the various disadvantage of physical activities and get hurt unintentionally.  Massage has been proven its legacy in healing physical pain. Sports massage has aided a lot of sports practitioner in a form of rehabilitation. Thus, a regular massage session is highly recommended to keep track in one’s state of the physical body.

4. It is a Form of Knowing your Body

Knowing your Body

Massage is a great option to familiarize the critical aspect of the physical body. A massage session is like an intimate session where you can feel the muscles of your body and how it will affect your mobility. Getting a massage regularly will keep in touch with the current state of your muscles; identifying what is painful and what is perfect for the muscles.

5. It is a Meditation 

Meditation, meditate

Massage is a perfect form of meditation. This will help you contemplate things and escape from the stress giving environment you are in. Things can be out of hand sometimes, that’s why it is important to pamper ourselves and think about things positively. Ultimately, those little rubs of pleasure will make you realize that there are better things than drowning yourself thinking of problems.

6. A Spiritual Connection 

Spiritual Connection, inner peace

The best way to recognize yourself is to give a shot at understanding your physical body and how it transcends to your mortality. Massage is considered as a form of mantra. Decades ago, massage has been an avenue to unleash the power of subconscious mind to understand our inner selves. With this, many people seek massage since they unconsciously understand the need to reconnect with the inner peace as a form of healing.

Massage is considered to be the healthiest form of addiction. This has become a revolutionary of alternative healing on which gives a wide snapshot of its benefits to our overall wellness. Moreover, the widespread has become prevalent especially for those people who have felt the need to reboot and to escape from the daily drudgery.

Just like the Shiatsu massage, the positive benefits of the massage reflects on our physicality as it enhances looks and blood flow as a whole. It stimulates the circulation in the blood vessels of our skin’s soft tissues. As you can see, massage has truly engulfed the overall human aspect of wellness; making the massage a therapeutic and addicting.

Get a Massage Once a Week!

Get a Massage once a week