We all wanted to live on our best ideals, satisfying our wants that brackets the need in looking at your best way possible. We explore one of the aspects in beautifying ourselves and this includes facial massages. Most of us wanted to look young, fresh and healthy for a better quality of life.

Undergoing facial massage is one of the best ways. The treatment helps in optimizing skin care for the best results. Relaxing your facial muscles and healthily elevate blood flow to make your skin as smooth as silk and as delicate as a baby. How to keep it that way? Here are some smart tips after undergoing massage.  

1. Sensitive Cleansing

skin care steps after massage - sensitive cleansing

We all know that it is vital to keep the skin on its very best but over scrubbing and usage of harsh cleansers might leave your skin irritated.  If the skin already gone exfoliation, it is not crucial to overdo the cleansing because of skin’s sensitivity. After your facial massage, give your skin a break from hearty scrubbing and discipline yourself for best results.

2. Refrain from Face Touching-Spree

skin care steps after massage - refrain from face touching-spree

According to research, people touches their face more or less than 16 times per hour. This is a normal habit generally but when you had your facial massage, abstaining yourself is the best for awhile. Touching your face constantly can transfer multiples of dirt and bacteria. This might result into breakouts especially on the sensitive spots. That’s why it is hygienic for everyone to at least be aware on where to touch and make sure that it is dirt free.

3. No Makeup for awhile

skin care steps after massage - no makeup for awhile

We all know that sophistication is a womanly personality. And that is an output of course of cosmetics. Drop the daily habit of make-up just for now, using of makeup can block your pores and can damage big time. After facial, your skin pores is open and any elements that will occupy the inner layer in the epidermis can cause breakouts. It is essential as well to use new brushes and sponges in the future.

4. Live-up with Hydration

skin care steps after massage - live-up with hydration

Water is life, water is vital. Our body needs sufficient amount of water to prevent from dehydration and for digestive cleansing. And yes, this also caters the need of our skin to stay glowing by keeping it hydrated. Consumption of liquids like water can load-up the skin’s radiance.

5. Choosing the Right Skin Care Products

skin care steps after massage - choosing the right skin care products

A person who undergone a facial massage should be mindful in using a skin care products. It is wise to choose a non-comedogenic cream or any other foam cleansing agents. And before buying an over-the-counter skin care items, you should know your skin type first to identify the impact of the product. Also do a research on the product and know the labels and ingredients.

6. Avoid Sun Rays

skin care steps after massage - avoid sun rays

The myth goes when you had your massage day, better avoid Mr. Sun. Well, this is actually a fact. A little stroll under the sun may give you the Vitamin D but when you had your massage spree it is a big no. A conscious effort of avoidance is what you need for you to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Direct exposure as well amplifies damaging effects in your skin especially if you’re using skin care products. So stay away from the heat for sensitive skin care.  

7. No Smoking and Alcohol

skin care steps after massage - no smoking and alcohol

You are aware of the purpose in undergoing facial massage. The habit of drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes will defeat the purpose. It will affect your skin in the most dreadful way. Wrinkling of skin which is caused by premature ageing, that’s why prevention is better than cure.

8. Healthy and Stress-free Lifestyle

skin care steps after massage - healthy and stress-free lifestyle

This applies not only in keeping your skin at its best but also in maintaining yourself in the right track. Eating healthy food, proper hygiene, exercise and avoiding stress can uplift your lifestyle to the greatest heights. This also includes in keeping yourself happy and satisfied. To sum up everything, healthy lifestyle will result to glowing skin complexion and more expressive assets.