Massage Therapy in various techniques, aims to bring balance and resonant harmony in every human body system. And one of these massage technique is the Russian Massage Therapy.

For the record, Russian Massage is most classified and considered as sports massage. This massage therapy is also known as connective tissue massage or reflexology massage; varying on its technique used during the entire session of the method. Russian Massage is beneficial for its wide spectrum of healing benefits. Curing ailments such as neurological disorders, musculoskeletal imbalances, post-surgical conditions or cardiovascular related diseases.

This modality may not come as popular among the massage goers because of its peculiar and dramatic characteristics. However, massage practitioners have practiced the technique alongside with medical treatments for ages. Moreover, the massage incorporates techniques like effleurage, vibration, petrissage and friction. This is to give benefit in relieving pain and induce relaxation.

The regular course depends on the nature of the ailment. Some may last for twenty minutes to forty-five or one hour. In the session, the therapist generally employs combinations of gentle strokes, stretching, kneading, continuous rubbing or vibratory motions. The combination aims to massage the joints and muscles which are the effect can be felt immediately.

1. Stress and Anxiety

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Russian Massage has been a modality for promoting the release of endorphins. With this, the method can surefire alleviate stress and re-energize the body and mind which helps in anxiety. It also further helps in relieving tension as the method activates and regenerate the body’s pain ameliorating system.

2. Benefits the Atrophied Muscles 

Atrophied muscles, Russian Massage, benefits of Russian Massage, massage, russian

The massage treatment was studied before and it turned out to be beneficial for atrophied muscles. Removing constraints in the joints and it also rejuvenate the proper range of movement to the strained area. The noninvasive and gentle technique also delivers advantage for the elderly and young children.

3. Metabolism

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Russian massage mainly reduces the tension of the muscles and improve circulation in the body. Hence, this can result to increased range of motion and metabolism. The massage also heals proper digestion and breathing.

4. Respiratory Ailments

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Breathe in, breathe out. Russian Massage helps increase actions in the heart. Stimulating the blood flow to and from the lungs, the massage technique normalizes the breathing by releasing tension in the breathing structure. The massage alleviates Asthma and other respiratory infections.

5. Blood Disorder

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Many research has proven the effectiveness of Russian Massage in healing blood related diseases. The massage helps in reducing heart rate, lower blood pressure and increases lymph flow and blood circulation.

Russian Massage plays a vital role in the overall body welfare. Some of its benefits shares the same characteristic to Shiatsu benefits as they both aim to alleviate. For a more further details visit myohealingmassage.com to earn profound information about Russian Massage. The website offers a wide scoop of massage varieties which is situated in Millcreek City, Utah — the best MC clinic.