Being a massage practitioner comes with strong work ethics and profound knowledge of the practice. For some massage therapists, adhering to basic rules and courtesy can be a grueling duty, especially if you are pressured to achieve perfection. Moreover, others tend to forget the procedures which fall under negligence.

Massage has always been celebrated as a remedy for physical and mental healing. It was categorized as one of the most effective methods to alleviate pain and a prelude to mental wellness. Committing a mistake is not only embarrassing but also discouraging. A single mistake can lead to downfall if one cannot cease the fire in the kitchen. For a massage therapist to thrive in the profession, one should be mindful of the action and must embody superior respect and service.

Myotherapy College of Utah is one of the most superior massage therapy college that executes utmost practice and handful training to hone the aspiring and future massage therapists. Furthermore, they adhere to standard protocols to ensure the quality of practice is materialized; believing that a massage mistake can lead to downfall. Here is a quick snapshot of the common mistakes committed by a massage therapist.

1. Poor Professionalism

Massage Therapist Poor Professionalism

A sudden cancellation of client commitment is a form of negligence. Well, it is pretty true that many massage practitioners got the luxury to choose their own working schedules, but a failure of service commitment is a different story.

You don’t want to get canceled abruptly after committing a massage schedule which a client who anticipates the service. The moment when you start ignoring them, the same moment will be the time they will start looking other elsewhere.

2. Annoying Chattering

Massage Therapist Annoying Chattering Massage

A cheerful massage therapist can be a boastful experience, but unnecessary chattering can be nosy. We all understand the need to talk to keep the client going or socialize. However, there are times where too much talking will become a negative reinforcement to other people.

A massage session is expected to a comfortable and soothing meditative session, not as a coffee talk to babble and guzzle. Give your client the personal space he deserves, put everything at ease and don’t let the talking overtake his attention, let your hands do the thing.

3. Disregarding Requests and not Listening

Massage Therapist Disregarding Requests and not Listening to client

– You may the person who runs the business, but remember that you’re being paid to gratify the clients’ desire and requests. Failure to asking questions of what makes your clients comfortable during the session is horrendous. Probably there is a certain technique or body part they don’t like working on.

It is imperative for every massage practitioner to ask questions to the clients for them to adjust during the session. Simply put, you must honor the request and suggest the best recommendation to keep the service satisfactory to both parties – client and massage therapists.

4. Bad Attitude

Massage Therapist Bad Attitude of therapsist

A sudden mood shift can be normal for most massage practitioners. All of us have our own way of handling emotions, but showing positive attitude during work is a form of professionalism. Upholding positive attitude in the work is a way to safeguard customer service.

Though you chose to show your diva behavior, it can be a career suicide as of course, most clients chose to work with respectful and gentle massage practitioners. Consider how your mood might impact the business you are in and tone down the heat to avoid setbacks in the future.

5. Substandard Performance

Massage Therapist Substandard Performance

As massage therapists, it is your job to ensure the quality experience and make them oohh until the last touch. However, some practitioners forgot to satisfy their clients. For instance, a specific muscle was not treated with your expertise or the expected outcome was not materialized.

Remember that a mistake like this can hurt your credibility as a massage therapist. You should know the fundamentals before executing massage and guarantee result instead of giving false expectations.

Thriving to achieve an absolute business success may require lots of hard work and knowing the basic essential is a fundamental element to reach that success. As a massage practitioner, take not all the aforementioned mistakes and contemplate on how you can step up the game to keep the business going. If you own a massage clinic, take down the essential facilities and functionalities you must ensure to guarantee that positive feedbacks from clients.  

Before the kick off of massage session, keep those hands ready and give the best experience every massage seekers deserve. Lastly if you are curious, know the difference between physical therapy versus massage therapy.