Massage as a modality is known as meditation for all ages. This includes the people in their after prime and elderly folks. Massage brings out the best for the elders since it gives various mental and physical benefits. But, the massage techniques used for senior citizens are different from those used for younger individuals. For the benefits of both demographic, massage therapists aims to give the best massage they could give for the smile of their clients.

massage for the elderly - arthritis

Certain people from the community like the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork are pushing their way to promote massage for the elderly as one of their main advocacy. These people promote the modality as a treatment for the ailments, elderly will encounter in the long run. They are pushing it to showcase profound understanding of the people that massage is the best alternative to lessen costly treatments which are burdensome and unhealthy.

Regular massage for the elderly are highly recommended, for the betterment of lifestyle. Massage also helps elderly to feel younger and physically mobile, giving them the best comfort and holistic care. Making their life balanced, stress free and care free.

massage for the elderly - life balance

Techniques for elderly massage involves subtle strokes of gentleness. Kneading and application of light pressure on the pressure points are another thing. Studies also revealed that¬†¬† constant massage for elders can be an effective therapy for Alzheimer’s disease. A gentle trigger in the specific points can also promote pain management of patients who are tormented by arthritis.

massage for the elderly - smile of their clients

It is also interesting to know that there are lots of massage therapists who are trained specifically in administering senior citizens. These therapists are skilled in doing stretches and massage sessions for them elders. With this, patients can highly benefit by gaining range of motion and strengthening muscle for mobility improvement. Postures and reduction of tension can be lessened on which most elderly suffer through the years. The quality of sleep can also be improved and gives sleeping comfort resulting to a longer and deeper slumber.