Massage is an old therapy of manipulating soft tissues and muscles of the body using your hands, fingers and your fists. It doesn’t treat cancer but it can help reduce the side effects of the treatments like chemotherapy and improve the quality of life of the person. To a cancer patient, massage does not only improve the physical symptoms that they experience but also make them feel whole again. It helps them relax, in order for them to share feelings, have hope and be positive about their body.

In general, the benefits of it are to have a deep relaxation, improve sleep, reduce stress, increase alertness and mental clarity and many more. For Cancer patients, who had undergone radiation or chemotherapy, massage reduced anxiety before and during treatment as well as reduced post-treatment fatigue. It also improved peripheral neuropathy. To patients who have a  following surgery, they will experience easier recovery from anesthesia, reduced post-surgical pain, improved mobility and appearance of surgical scars, reduced swelling and easier adaptation to implants and expanders.

Having a massage is safe to a cancer patient as it is given to cancer patients at stages 1 to 4.  The treated area should not be touched to avoid pressure on that affected area. There are many researches about massage and its goodness to cancer patient’s body. Like this systematic review on a massage for relieving the cancer symptoms, it showed that massage reduce anxiety, nausea, pain, fatigue, depression and release of stress hormone.

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