Pampering oneself by scheduling a massage is the best experience imaginable. People tend to get stressed by the routine and hectic activities around us and treating oneself with a massage is crucial and beneficial.

On the other hand, people also benefit from the demand of massage by making it a profession. But not everyone is privileged and confident enough to achieve the goal. If you have the job position yourself as a massage therapist, it is a struggle how to prepare yourself for a massage session. Kicking off a massage to a client can either make you anxious and paranoid. So here are some handful tips on how making a fulfilling massage experience by preparing your client professionally.

  1. Introduce Yourself

    Massage is a very intimate activity and touching a person’s body can be quite awkward and uncomfortable; the worst, it could freak out the both of you. Introduce yourself to your client and engage some short chatty conversation to make both of you at ease. It will also abolish the strangeness feeling during the whole session.
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  2. Explain What To Expect During the Massage

    Your client might know what type of massage he/she wants to experience, but something might happen beyond the expectations. ┬áIt is significant to explain the little details about the massage session you’re about to embark. Made some clarifications and confirmation on what they should expect and listen attentively about their concerns.

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  3. Ask for Your Client’s Medical Condition

    Before performing the actual massage, ask for any medical conditions and irritation that might trigger and worsen during the activity. Better ask for a signed waiver from a doctor for approval of the impending massage. Also ask if your client has allergies in any type of massage oils. These things are important to keep you away from any liability. Practice this practical ethic or better address the issue during the massage appointment or before the session itself.

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  4. Prepare for your Clients expected Session Mood

    Massage can be soothing and more relaxing with a music turned up to keep a consistent atmosphere. But this might not be favorable for some of the clients and to you alike. Before going through the session, ask if she/she prefers a music or silence during the massage. Your goal here to make your client feel good and comfortable, music can be distracting during his/her meditation.

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  5. Confirm if Massage will be Conducted Naked or with Clothing

    Give what your clients want and make him/her comfortable throughout the session. Inform your client the necessity of taking off the clothes (undergarments) especially when you’re using oils and other lubricated massage lotions. Give your clients the opportunity to decide what will keep him/her going without making distressing actions. If your client decided to keep his/her underwear on, then work on your flexibility and adjust.

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The best way you can give the utmost satisfaction to your client is by being polite and courteous all the time. During and after the massage, keep an approachable persona and be mindful of your actions. Let your client have the best experience throughout the massage activity. Always remember that your client’s satisfaction is what will make them come back to you. Pamper them by executing quality service and showing genuine concern.

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