“Tan lines will fade but the memories won’t”

It’s March and guess what? Summer is starting to knock on your door! Maybe some of you will say that June 21st is too far, but in some parts of United States, summer begins in April.

Summer is a good time for gardening, playing golf, biking, going to the beach and do kayaking, swimming and boating – but did you know that these simple activities cause muscle fatigue and pains? Risk of heart attack and heat stroke is also famous during this season because of the hot weather. Read more about how massage helps people with heart attack. According to experts, 80-90% of the disease is stress related so I don’t need to enumerate the possible disease we get during summer. But even if we’re looking forward to having fun this summer, don’t forget to take good care of your body. Here are the tips that may help you to reduce summer stress.

1. Set a Plan for Summer

benefits of a summer massage - ser a plan for summer

It’s more practical and stress free if you have a planner or checklist about what you want to do this summer. Set a specific activity on a specific day. This is good if you want to have a smooth summer.

2. Learn to say No

benefits of a summer massage - learn to say no

Don’t be an “okay” man; it’s alright to decline some offers this summer if it conflicts with your schedule. Take note that too much activity will consume much energy and gain more stress.

3. Stay healthy and give yourself a Me Time

benefits of a summer massage - stay healthy and give yourself a me time

You can enjoy everything but remember the word “Moderately”. For your “Me” time, Book yourself for a Myohealing regular massage, to make yourself refreshed in every stress you encounter.

Having a regular massage helps you to relax and be stress free. You may wonder if massage really reduces stress – well, studies show that having massage therapy is beneficial not only to reduce body pains but also to improve your mood and fight stress. It basically changes your mood.


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