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sports massage

Pre-Event Sports Massage is a stimulating massage generally performed within one hour of a sporting event. Plan on anywhere from 5-20 minutes, performed fully clothed on a massage table or mat. The purpose if this massage is to get you game ready!


Warm up and increase blood flow

Reduce anxiety/competitions stress

Increased alertness/mental clarity/focus

Post-Event Sports Massage is targeted to help recover from a high intensity exercise, competition, or training session. Typically given anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours after the competition or activity, this massage is brief, perhaps 30 minutes, and utilizes techniques and stretching to enhance circulation, calm muscles, and aid in faster recovery.


Reduces inflammatory markers that minimizes Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Reduces recuperation time periods by assisting in normalizing the body’s tissues

Helps in identifying new or prospective injury sites

Rehabilitation/Maintenance Massage is typically done on a “rest” day and in clinic rather than at an event. This massage targets recovery between training or events, assessment and treatment of injuries, keeping muscles flexible and relief of tender areas before they become a problem.


Reduces risk of injury

Decreases recovery time from everyday training

Maintains muscles for effective training


Train, compete or participate in athletic events

Suffer from chronic pain due to injury or overuse

Practice a regular exercise or workout regiment

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