In general, Craniosacral therapy is a unique massage technique wherein a series of aleviating methods are performed to enhance the function of the Craniosacral system. The technique includes soft touches which focuses on the bones of the skull and pelvis. This basically protects the brain and spinal cord; aiming to evaluate and ameliorate the physiological body system.

The head and sacrum are lightly touched to improve the flow of fluid setting those areas for a better function of central nervous system. I know that some of you might get into thinking of what is the elaborated benefits of Craniosacral massage. Craniosacral massage may not be as mainstream like shiatsu massage and other forms of therapy, but this modality has been recognized by many practitioners and massage goers. So to get kicked this off, here are the top benefits of Craniosacral massage therapy.

1. Healing Migraines

craniosacral massage migraines

Chronic pain can be a huge hindrance for our daily activities and end us up being unproductive. Engaging yourself with Craniosacral massage can ease the pain caused by migraine. Many studies have proven this including the 2012 Islandic study.

2. Stress Relief

craniosacral massage stress

Relaxation and stress relief can be achieved easily by any form of massage –¬†benefits of Shiatsu, Swedish Massage etc. Treating yourself with Craniosacral therapy session can regenerate your mood and lessens stress hormones by default. Imagine yourself receiving a scalp massage and free from negativities — best feeling ever.

3. Cures Neck Pain

craniosacral massage neck pain

Keep yourself going smoothly without experiencing pain out of a stiff neck. Get some massage touch on the area to relieve tension and get everything else done back to normal.

4. Fight Autism

craniosacral massage fight autism

As what I have mentioned before, touch effort on the head membrane improves the flow and fluid on the area eases the stress and can repeal autism symptoms.

5. Sinus Infection

craniosacral massage sinus

Keep your nose passage ways open and relaxed. It is vital to keep this passage healthy to avoid suffering from chronic sinus infection that can be very irritating.

6. Asthma

craniosacral massage asthma

Improving your Craniosacral flow can alleviate symptoms and improves the function of the central nervous system. Massage practitioners have discovered this and used the modality to fight asthma.

7. Back Pain Relief

craniosacral massage back pain

Experiencing a back pain can totally handicapped you from all your pending activities. Receiving a Craniosacral massage can help your entire spine free from ache and tensions.

8. Improves mental clarity

craniosacral massage mental clarity

Keeping the mental well-being healthy is a main priority to begin with. Receiving massage atleast once a month can totally help you keep your mental health in the right track.

9. Boosts energy and stamina

craniosacral massage boosts energy and stamina

Massage is very relaxing, everyone knows that. Aiding yourself by receiving massage will improve your blood flow which delivers oxygen to all the blood cells; which we need for energy. Massage also helps your lymphatic system which is responsible for diminishing all the body toxin and bacteria.

10. Depression

craniosacral massage depressed

Mental illness is a serious matter. Some of us are empowered by the negativities around us and end up keeping the suffering within ourselves. Receiving a massage can keep a healthy mental clarity. This will regenerate and improve your sleep to keep you away from negativities.