5 benefits of Shiatsu Massage:

1. Muscle Pains and Arthritis

benefits of shiatsu massage - muscle pains and arthritis

The Shiatsu massage and acupressure ease the indications brought about by arthritis. It is best applied on the hands and feet when experiencing arthritis. Shiatsu limbers muscles and gives muscles nourishment by enhanced course. It also decreases muscle pains. Read more…

2. Migraine Headaches

benefits of shiatsu massage - migraine headaches

Migraine is the throbbing headache that is regularly felt on one side of our head. Shiatsu massage relieves migraines as well as ordinary headaches by relaxing the body and increasing blood flow and circulation through the body. Read more…

3. Pregnancy

benefits of shiatsu massage - pregnancy

Shiatsu massage has been utilized for many years to help women during their monthly cycles to mitigate symptoms, for example, menstrual issues and depression. This sort of massage is used during pregnancy as well. It can ease morning sickness and swelling often caused by the pregnancy. Read more…

4. Circulatory and Digestive System

benefits of shiatsu massage - circulatory and digestive system

Additionally, Shiatsu Massages help our circulatory and digestive system. A massage enhances the flow of blood and cell nourishment all throughout the body. Another benefit of this is that our digestive system allows the food we eat to be digested easily and helps in removing wastes. A shiatsu massage also builds stamina by putting in vitality, as well as burning fats.

5. Skin

benefits of shiatsu massage - skin

Shiatsu massages help stimulate the circulation in the blood vessels of the skin’s soft tissues. The massage aids in the emission of sebum from the sebaceous organs which keeps our skin moist and smooth. This prevents wrinkling of the skin.  Basically, Shiatsu massage will enhance the look and gleam of the skin with enhanced blood flow. Read more…