A trigger point (also known as muscle knot) is a focal spot within a muscle that can trigger pain, numbness, tingling and other discomforts from the other parts of the body, away from the source of point itself. For instance, a trigger spot in the back may induce a referral neck pain. The neck now acts as a satellite trigger point, causing pain in the head. The pain can range from intolerable tormenting pain which is caused by “active” trigger sites to painless movement restriction and improper posture caused by “latent” trigger points.

Trigger Point Therapy is particularly designed to alleviate and manage pain by means of cycles of massage techniques and hand pressures, working specifically on the source of pain to provide a better treatment method for pain relief. Your massage therapist will canvass your body and locate the exact site of trigger point. These areas are usually painful and uncomfortable, especially if you have several affected sites. When pressure is applied, trigger points can feel like “knots” or muscle tight bands. Normally, muscles don’t have knots or tight bands and are not tender when being pressed. In cases of trigger points, a specific region of muscle fibers is flexed into a small, thickened spot while the rest of these muscles are stretched thin. Through trigger point massage, contracted areas of the muscles are being released thus alleviating pain and discomforts. You may be able to experience reduced pain sensation after a single session; however, frequency of massage visits may depend on size of trigger point.

After a successful treatment and once all trigger points have been efficiently deactivated and removed, it is important for every client to stay constantly hydrated to wash out and excrete all built up toxins. It is best to drink plenty of water or any other healthy drinks to release toxins into the blood stream for faster and better elimination.


Unlock those muscle knots and give yourself a good massage. You deserve it!