Excited about going to your massage appointment? Perhaps, someone has given you a gift certificate for rubdown last week. Or you just decided to book yourself an appointment to relieve and improve your health. It is not surprising to know that a solid rubdown can help you improve better blood circulation, immune system and sleep quality, and get rid of stress. However, there are a lot of things to consider about the perks of massage.

So, who’s to be blamed? The one who’s rubbing, kneading and hitting you? Just kidding… During therapy sessions, your partner is no other than the certified  licensed massage therapist who is assigned to you. To prevent wasting cash and effort on spending time with massage and to bask in solid rubdown, remember these advises.

  1. Manage time and request a preferred rubdown

what to do with rubdown - manage time and request a preffered rubdown

You probably want to consider the timing of your appointment. Since there are no perfect hour for you to schedule a massage, listen to your body. Besides, you should trust your instincts, for you know your body more than anyone. For first timers in massage, stick to the basics like Deep Tissue Lower. You can avail the service once a week, twice a month or whenever you like.

However, most licensed massage therapists recommend those clients who have a specific injury to do series of sessions per week to have a more effective result. For them, waiting for a month makes their body revert back to old injuries and the therapy will have to start over again.

  1. Take a showerwhat to do with rubdown - take a shower

Before having a session, it is better to take a shower. It is a common courtesy to most costumers and makes the experience worry-free. Imagine being dirty while having a massage. Oh, please have some conscience to your therapist. Also, being clean and feeling clean will lessen your body insecurities during the session. For sure, your therapist will be happy to know that you value cleanliness for the benefit of everyone.

  1. Speak up

 what to do with rubdown - speak up

When something is not right, speak up for your sake. As a client, it is better to share matters like you have allergies, you’re pregnant, have your menstruation, had a complex surgery or had been in an accident to your therapist so that he/she can choose your right course of treatment.

You don’t have to endure something; if the service is not likable, let your practitioner know so that you’ll get a better experience.


  1. Breathe for your sake

what to do with rubdown - breathe for your sake

It can be tempting to hold your breath when someone is pressing you with a solid massage. But that won’t help. Breathe for your sake so as to supply your blood with oxygen and to aid tense muscles.

  1. Drink a ton of water

what to do with rubdown - drink a ton of water

Massage therapists’ advice clients to drink a ton of water after their session. Similar to having a body workout, your body can be dehydrated during a massage. With this, your muscle tissues will be re hydrated, rebuilt and free from metabolic wastes that accumulate your muscles.

So, here comes the drunkards. It is a basic rule for massage spas to disallow clients who had alcohol or drugs in the past 24 hours. Obviously, narcotics is something you wish you don’t have through your system when having the session. If you had drunk a fair amount of alcohol right before the scheduled appointment, massage can actually get you re-drunk.

Suppose the session is over and you feel rejuvenated, try to give your body a break. If you care for yourself, prevent picking up heavy objects, dancing too quickly or moving around like you haven’t had your massage therapy. Just be gentle. Practitioners recommend their clients to relax, drink a lot of water and take a break after the said service.